About Center for Gender Issues, Patna

Center for gender studies, patna || Gender studies || Gender studies in patna || Gender studies in patna bihar Gender is everywhere. It appears fairly commonsensical to us that boys and girls ought to be distinguished not only through physical markers like dress-pattern, diet-pattern, mode of amusements, sports activities, etc., but also through their respective cultural and behavioural pattern. Any infringements of these conventional parameters lead one to admonish girls for behaving ‘like boys’ and tease/condemn boys for being timorous ‘like girls.’ The most common explanation for this prevailing attitude in the society gives emphasis on the fact that God or Nature has created such differentiation.

While the facts of our sex- the presence of distinctive male and female genitalia and reproductive organs- are incontrovertible, most of us perceptively feel that the categorising of the world as well as human behaviour into masculine and feminine is unwarranted. Women often question the enveloping perception of the society for not being viewed as ‘autonomous being.’ Likewise, men after finding themselves in deeply discriminating position compared to women in terms of the evolution of emotional happiness and pleasure question the invasive sensitivity of the society which believe that they cannot be loving, nurturing and self-sacrificing as women can be. The emanating fact is that at various levels we more than often actively question the routine practices of gender. But unfortunately, we hardly query the fundamental premises on which these gender practices are based. We always shy away from the basic question of ‘equality of sexes’. We do not ponder about any possibility of change or transformation of the masculine and feminine attributes and roles.

Center for gender studies, patna || Gender studies || Gender studies in patna || Gender studies in patna bihar Similarly we hesitate to think whether Men and Women can coeval with each other. However, there has been a paradigm shift in last few decades which has witnessed the beginning of a radical departure in thinking and activism, leading to the rise of anti-systematic movements. There emerged a questioning and critical scrutiny of the epistemological basis of social sciences prevailing since Enlightenment. As a result, issues of race, gender, sexuality, etc., began to draw academic attention. Thus there emerged new kind of academics, new subject of knowledge and new perspectives on knowledge, society and culture.

Center for gender studies, patna || Gender studies || Gender studies in patna || Gender studies in patna bihar It is in this brainstorming background gender studies came to occupy the prime place in academic discourses. In order to sensitize the society on the fundamental issues related to gender equality and to probe all critical questions, the ‘Centre for Gender Studies’ was founded and registered in 2008-09 in Patna. The Centre from its very inception has strenuously put the questions like, ‘Why are people expected to be exclusively masculine or feminine?,’ ‘In which ways and by what means women have been rendered subordinate to men?,’ ‘How the patriarchy has been formulated, cemented and carried forward till today?,’ ‘What are the means to convince the society that gender equality is must for humanity?,’ etc., before the academic world in particular and the society in general. Due to it’s such an all encompassing sphere, scholars from different disciplines and fields have participated and expressed their views in the seminars, lectures, workshops, etc., organised by the Centre from time to time. We are proud to underline that people have responded very positively in our endeavour to bring gender issues in the mainstream of academic discussions. It is in this continuation of highlighting the gender issues, the Executive Committee of the Centre in its meeting on 16/03/2015 decided to organise an international conference in the forthcoming annual session of the centre for gender studies, Patna. We hope that people will respond with same vigour and commitment and stoutly help in making the seminar a great success.

Our Member

   Chief Patron
       Prof. Hetukar Jha ( Patna )

       Prof. Jayashri Mishra)

       Shri K. K. Tripathi( Patna )

   Vice President
      Dr. Sanchita Ghosh (Kanpur)
       Dr. Sunita Sharma (Patna)

       Dr. Avinash Kumar Jha (Khagaul, Bihar).

   Joint Secretary
      Dr. Ratna Amrit (Patna)
       Dr. K. K. Mandal (Bhagalpur)

       Dr. Anant Pd. Gupta

   Advisory Committee
       (1) Prof. Mayashankar (Patna)
       (2) Dr. P. N. Das (Patna))
       (3) Dr. Sanjay Swarnakar (Patna)
       (4) Prof. Usha Jha (Patna)
       (5) Dr. Kamlesh Mishra (Patna)
       (6) Dr. Ajay Kumar (Patna)
       (7) Dr. Poonam Choudhary (Patna)
       (8) Dr. Damodar Singh (Patna)
       (9) Dr. Dharmendra Kumar (Darbhanga)
       (10) Dr. N. V. Pathak (Delhi)

   Executive Committee
       (1) Dr. Pankaj Jha (U.P.)
       (2) Dr. Anil Kumar (Shantiniketan)
       (3) Dr. Abhay Kumar (Siwan)
       (4) Dr. Bishwamohan Pandey
       (5) Prof. Rajeev Ranjan (Patna)
       (6) Dr. Sujata Singh (Ranchi)
       (7) Prof. Mukesh Kumar (Gaya)
       (8) Dr. Sanjay Kumar
       (9) Dr. Anil Kumar (U.P.)
       (10) Dr. Ashok Kumar (Patna)
       (11) Dr. Jasmin Kanth (Patna)
       (12) Prof. Piyush Kamal Sinha (Gaya)
       (13) Dr. Sanjay Kumar (Chapra)(Patna)
       (14) Dr. Shahid Perwez (U.P.)
       (15) Dr. Hitendra Patel (W.B.))
       (16) Prof. Yogendra Kumar (Patna)
       (17) Dr. Parthasarthi (W.B.)
       (18) Dr. Pankaj Mishra (Delhi)
       (19) Dr. Hemlata Mishra (Uttarakhand))
       (20) Dr. Radhakrishna Jha (Daltenganj)